Dental veneers are restorations that are placed on the front and biting surfaces of teeth to change the appearance of the tooth. These are widely used for smile makeover procedure and are made of
a) porcelain is known as indirect veneers or
b) composite resin veneers.

Dental veneers can be indicated in cases like
a) Correcting shade or colour of teeth especially in cases of discolouration caused due previous trauma, developmental defects like fluorosis.
b) Correcting shape of teeth in cases like chipped teeth or developmental small teeth like peg laterals.
c) correcting slight misalignment of teeth or to get a perfect smile after completion of your orthodontic treatment
d) Closing or reducing gaps between teeth.

What’s the difference between a direct and an indirect veneer

Direct veneers is made from composite restorative material whose shade we closely match to the desired shade. These are done usually in one or maximum two visits in the dental chair. As compared to indirect/ porcelain veneers, the direct veneers tend to chip and/ or discolour more easily. ( our pics of direct veneers)

Indirect veneers is made from extremely strong porcelains like EMAX and ZIRCONIA and tend to be more lifelike than direct veneers and are processed in laboratory conditions. They also have a much higher resistance to chipping or discolouration than indirect veneers. (Laura G’s pics/testimony)

How do I go about if I want veneers?

a) Have a consultation with us and we would let you know if you are suitable candidate for Veneers. Veneers are cosmetic enhancement of your teeth and are not advisable to correct major orthodontic in discrepancies like gross mal alignment of teeth or in certain conditions like intense grinding.

b) In case of direct veneers, minor removal of tooth enamel is done and then a restoration is bonded,sculpted and polished on the tooth.

c) In case of indirect veneers, minor removal of enamel is done and an impression is taken to process the porcelain veneers in the dental lab. These are then bonding to your teeth on the subsequent appointment. In between the appointment your teeth are covered with temporary veneers.

d) In cases of smile makeover the dentist may go ahead with a process of dental wax- up and or mockup prior to veneer preparation. Dental wax up and mock up allows you to visualize the end result of out veneer treatment on study models before commencing the treatment.

How to care for your veneers and how long do they last?

Porcelain/ indirect veneers usually have a life of around 7-10 years while direct veneers have a much shorter life usually less than 4-5 years. However these factors are case dependent and your dentist can tell you specific ways to prolong life of your veneers In certain cases a veneer can chip or debond. Activities that put excessive pressure on the veneers like biting nails, opening things with teeth,chewing pens/ pencils etc are to be avoided.

its is essential to have 6 montlhy checks of your veneers as you still have your original tooth under the veneer which can still be prone to decay if adequate oral hygiene is not maintained

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