At Byford Smiles we offer different levels of sedation depending on individual’s need to provide a anxiety free, comfortable treatments.

A significant number of people do not visit the dentist because they are too fearful or suffer from dental anxiety. It could be related to noise, smell, sight or fear of the unknown. Sleep dentistry offers an excellent way to provide a safe, anxiety-free dental experience to those who are afraid of the dental procedures.

Safety and compliance are two important aspects of treatment, so sleep dentistry offers both to our guests and dentists, the best alternative to achieve that.

Advantages associated with sleep dentistry:
– anxiety is alleviated
– more can be accomplished (during each visit )
– painless
– extremely safe


Generally, it is used for treatments of 2-4 hours. In includes the induction and awakening times which amount to 30 minutes or so. It is administered via direct injection into the blood stream, which means the effects are immediate. Sometimes, patients feel groggy and sleepy when the I.V sedation are withdrawn. This is why it is important to bring or designated driver for the drive home and have rest of the day free to rest & recover.

Oral Conscious Sedation:

It is an excellent choice for people who fear the needles. It is provided prior to the treatments in order to induce a moderate to high state of sedation & relaxation. Though, oral sedatives do not cause sleep, they usually dull the senses. But most of our guests end up having power naps during the visit ! This means that most patients cannot remember the pain, smells or noises associated with the procedures. You will need to have a designated driver to take you home and make sure you have a good snooze at home after the visit.

All the information regarding pre and post care, medications, dos and don’ts are given by us in print and verbally.

Pre and post treatment you will be resting in a specially designed relaxation room for 15 minutes or so.

At Byford Smiles all the members of the team have one goal, to create more smiles each day ! We are a state of the art dental & facial aesthetics practice delivering a high level of holistic oral care.

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